Your Body Is Unique.

Get the personalized vitamins & supplements it deserves.

Introducing GNC4U—a highly personalized nutrition, exercise and supplement plan made just for you. We’ve partnered with Vitagene to analyze your lifestyle, goals and even your DNA to give you an in-depth look at what you and your body need. Plus, you can get monthly deliveries of your recommended supplements in daily packs, composed only of the highest quality GNC products. It’s the scientifically superior way to achieve your health goals from the absolute leader in supplements.


Customized by our experts, driven by your goals and fueled by superior GNC supplements.

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STEP 1: Let Us Get to Know You

Take the survey so we can get a sense of you and your lifestyle. You also have the option to use a GNC4U DNA kit or submit any DNA information you already have to personalize your results even more.

STEP 2: Our Scientists Will Personalize Your Recommendations

You’ll get individualized exercise, nutrition and supplement recommendations from our scientists and access to your personalized online wellness dashboard. You’ll also receive a bonus ancestry report.

STEP 3: From the GNC Lab to Your Door

Simply order your 30-day supply of personalized supplement packs and we’ll automatically ship them to you every month. No work on your end is required.

STEP 4: What You’ll Receive

Your packs will include up to 8 different supplements based on your needs. They’ve been divided into packets for each day, either once or twice daily. It’s all based on your personal data and the supplements you receive.

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Take the lifestyle survey free

DNA analyses aren't for everyone, and we get that. That’s why we offer you this lifestyle quiz only option completely free. You’ll still get personalized nutrition, exercise and supplement recommendations. And if you want to add in your DNA later, our scientists will be happy to analyze your information again.

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Order A GNC4U DNA Kit

Get the fully personalized experience by having us analyze your DNA. We’ll look for genetic markers to help determine the exercise, nutrition and supplement plan that best suits you. Plus, you’ll get a bonus ancestry report.

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Upload Existing DNA Data

If you’ve already had your DNA tested by AncestryDNA, 23andme or MyHeritage, you just need to upload your data to get started. We’ll take that existing information and create a fully personalized exercise, nutrition and supplement plan.

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